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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
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Hi! This is Mr. Brooks.

The purpose of this page is to give you ideas of things that are coming up in Science and Social Studies classes and to keep you updated periodically about grades.

Feel free to navigate around this site and to find things that might be of interest to you

This web site is a terrific way to access the information you need about Mr. Brooks' Science and Social Studies Classes, as well as serving as an educational resource. Whether you're currently enrolled or just curious about what we have to offer, you're sure to find a wealth of helpful information.

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2004-05 School Year
WOW...We are starting another school year. I hope your last year of middle school is your best year of school yet! Bookmark this web site becasue lots of things like grades, extra credit assignments, and some fun and nifty links will come down your way. We are going to start the year with our unit on Photosynthesis and Respiration. The great news is that we have new textbooks, the latest edition of the highest rated series in the world (according to AAAS), Science Plus.

Bloomfield Hills Middle School
4200 West Quarton Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302


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Science in Mr. Brooks class will be a hands-on, heads-on, activity based experience. We plan on doing a great deal of experimental work, and discussing our findings and the meanings of experiments that we perform. We also have the luxury of having 15 computers in my classroom, and we will use the interent for research and for reinforcement.