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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Isaac Storm Quiz #4
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Things you should be able to identify and/or write about in the Isaac Storm Quiz, pp 166-216.
1. Describe the difference between the historical records and Isaac Cline's description of early warnings of the storm.
2. At 2:00 pm during Isaac's Storm, the wind changed direction from North to Northeast. What effect did this have on the storm?
3. What small ground based animals seemed to dominate the Galveston landscape during the flooding associated with Isaac's Storm?
4.  How did Isaac and Joseph Cline's advice differ to homeowners who lived near the bay during the storm?
5.  How much rain was registered before the raine gauge was destroyed at the US Weather Bureau the day of the storm?
6. What was the greatest wind speed registered at Galveton before the aneometer was destroyed?
7. What was the attitude of Dr. Sam Young as the storm started to first take shape?
8.  Why did people chop holes in their floors (think about our pop can- and water vapor demonstration)?
9. Why did lamps and/or candles seem to be SO important during the storm?
10.  Explain how the storm, temporarily, protected Isaac's Cline's house from heavy sea waves.
11. Explain what was probably the most terrifing 4 seconds of Isaac's Storm to the greatest number of people?
12. Where in the city of Galveston did the flood water flow the fastest and why?
13.  Why might staying in your house as the water levels continue to rise might actually be safer than trying to move to higher grounds away from the shore (how did the storm effect shingles on houses)?
14.  Name two things more dangerous than the wind.
15. What is the best estimate for the lowest pressure (inches of Hg) during Isaac's Storm?
16 .Describe the plight of the Credo and Heidemann familes.