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Computer Class Objectives
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Computer Applications in Content Areas

Computer Applications in Content Areas

Mr. John W. Brooks

Grade 8


            The main focus of this class is to use Microsoft FrontPage 2000 to compose a detailed web site on the internet.


Classroom Physical Requirements:

1.     Two 3.5 inch diskettes

2.      A folder that contains pockets for carrying disks and hard copies of work


Course work and Assignments


1.      Register with Briefcase- You will be required to obtain an account with This account allows you access to an Internet hard drive.  You will be storing all of you files on this hard way, which you can access from school, or from at home.

2.      Register with Since “angelfire” is a hosting site for webs that contain some of the complicated Microsoft FrontPage extensions, we will be making our websites and uploading them on    This service has proven to work well for our class in the past.


3.      Computer Understandings Readings and Quiz- You will be asked to read a packet of information which describes the uses, components, history, and jobs that are part of the computer industry. As a class we will review the packet in class. You will be asked to take a quiz that will be part of your grade in computer class.


4.      Web Site Formulation and Set Up- Students are asked to complete in detail, three questions about the Web Site that they will be composing.  These should be detailed descriptions.

1.    What information do I want my web site to present?

2.    Who is the audience for my web site?

3.    What web functions would I like to include on my web site?


5.      Web Site Mind Map- Each student is required to make a mind map that will indicate what will be on each page of the web that they are going to create.  This should include a minimum of twenty pages.


6.      Web Site Creation- Students will be asked to create a web site using Microsoft FrontPage  2000.  They will be given time in class to learn how to accomplish various website creating activities.  Each web must include the following:

1.    Twenty minimum pages with links that will transverse the entire web. There must be a least one paragraph on each of these pages and one unique picture on each of these pages.

2.    One example of HTML text effects (See FrontPage 2000 book).

3.    One example of an animated GIF (moving picture).

4.    A minimum of three links to outside web pages, with at least one link being an object (not text).

5.    The usage of at least one background sound or music on at least one page.

6.    Use of at least one web java script or object (counter, reply box, quiz, or survey).


7.    Web Site Journal- This will be a hand written (in pen) or typed description of HOW and WHAT you did for objectives 2-6 in making you web site.