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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Isaac's Storm Quiz #3
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1. Why was the United States Weather Bureau reluctant to use the word "Hurricane"?

2. Willis Moore predicted that "Isaac"s Storm" was going to "recurve". What does "recurve" mean in this situation.

3. How does "centrifugal force" play a part in the behavior of hurricanes?

4. What did the U.S. weather bureau predict the pathway of "Isaac's Storm" to be before it got to Galveston?

5. What did Captain Halsey of the "Lousiana" write about the barometer in his voyage through Isaac's Storm?

6. What did the United States Weather Bureau call an "extreme" wind?

7. What is an "explosive deepening" and what is the best theory to explain this phenonmena?

8. What is the "Loop Current"?

9. Describe the "Focus" or "Center" of a hurricane. Explain why the U.S. weather bureau refused to call this the "eye".

10. What is in weather terms "The Devil's Voice".

11. What other natural disaster is often time associated with hurricanes?

12. Describe what happened in Yokohama Japan on September 1, 1923.

13. In most cases, how can you estimate the height of waves or swells?

14. How did the Galveston News and Tribune contribute to the large number of deaths due to Isaac's Storm?

15. What happened in Ritter's cafe on the day of the storm?

16. Why were cannon guns heard from Fort Jacinto on Galveston Island?