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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Classroom Rules
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Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Mr. John W. Brooks

Bloomfield Hills Middle School


Two rules supersede all others:

1.     All students have the right to learn.

2.     The Teacher has the right to teach.


Specific Classroom Rules

1. You are expected to come to class prepared, ALWAYS bring your

    Textbook, pencil or pen, and your notebook.


2.  Be respectful of others, this includes (but is not limited to):

a.      listening when others talk

b.      accepting the view point of others

c.       keeping your hands to yourself

d.      respecting the property of others

e.      helping those who need help


3. Come to class with a prepared, mature mind.


4. If you are having a bad day, do not allow it to affect others.


5. Obey all safety rules and guidelines of the teacher, at all times, but

    Especially in the lab.  Safety is job ONE.


6. Homework:

            When homework is asked for, you will show your assignment to Mr. Brooks, and he will check it off in his assignment folder. Then you will place the assignment in the folder for your class, located on the folder cart found next to Mr. Brooks desk.


On the day that homework is due, it must be presented at the beginning of the period.  It is not acceptable to print a paper at the start of class or finish any project when the assignment is due. If you are not done at the time the assignment is called for IT IS LATE work.


Late work will be penalized by half credit. You have two  weeks from the date the assignment is due or the assignment will be recorded as a zero.  You will be given one-day grace for each day of an excused absence.


            If you have homework or lab reports to turn in late, they must be turned in to MR. BROOKS, not placed on his desk or in any folder. This eliminates the possibility of any of your late work getting misplaced or lost. When late work comes in, Mr. Brooks will check it off on his assignment folder.