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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Room 130 Locator Assignment
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ROOM 130 Locator Map Assignments

ROOM 130 Locator Map Assignments


            In this assignment you will be asked to make a drawing/map of room 130. In order for you to function well in Science class, it is important for you to be able to identify where safety features, laboratory equipment, and other materials are located. There are six faces or walls in any given room.  There are also a closet and an office where there are important items for you to use. Make sure you identify a top ten list of items in Mr. Brooks office and the closet. You should make a drawing that shows each of these faces and identify any and all items that are a part of that face. After you are given enough time to complete your map, you will be given a short quiz in which you will be asked where certain items are.  Things that need to be included:


  1. Name and locate all of the items in the classroom that are part of room 130 safety.
  2. Name and identify the location of all glassware in room 130. Included should be Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, thermometers, Bunsen burners, Florence flasks, crucibles, wire gauze, heat lamps, ect.
  3. Name and identify any and all equipment in the classroom that can possibly benefit you in your studies.


There is also going to be a written component of this assignment.  The answer to these questions or quest can either be found somewhere in Mr. Brooks room or on his web site at:


  1. Name all of the safety rules that are found in MR. Brooks Science class.
  2. What is animation factory?
  3. What percentage does a student need in order to get a grade of A?
  4. What can you bring to school for Science extra credit?
  5. What is the equation for Photosynthesis?
  6. What is Mr. Brooks late work policy?  
  7. What percentage of your grade will be based on tests?
  8. What items will always be on the first page of a lab report? What is this page called?
  9. What the two most important rules, that oversees all others in Mr. Brooks class?
  10.  What is Mr. Brooks rule on late work?
  11. List three of the multiple intelligences.
  12.  What must you do with all graphs and tables in lab reports?
  13.  Who is the person that is being honored on the statue in front of the capital building in Lansing?
  14. Make a list of the noble gases.
  15.  What does Dr. Koop tell us about Americans and seat belts?