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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Celluar Web Quest
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Cellular Function and Structure Web Quest


Use Your Text Book , the Internet and one of our small poster boards to  complete the following components of this web quest. Each square of your poster needs to include some picture or graphic.


Reference Materials:

Science Plus Technology and Society Level Blue pages pages 498-505 Keyword; HB2223 (sign on as a guest)


1.  In your first poster square, describe what the Head Office of a Cell is and what it does.


2.  Simple Cell Division is also called MITOSIS.  In Mitosis the two new daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as the original parent cell. Mitosis occurs in four distinct stages. In square number 2, make a drawing that explains and labels the significant parts of Mitosis.  Included should be

a. interpahse   b. prophase  c. metaphase   d. telephase


3. Make two drawings, showing how the final phase of plant mitosis is different from animal mitosis.


4.Make a drawing of an animal cell in poster cell number 4, and make a drawing of a plant cell in poster cell number 5.. Include the following parts along with descriptions of their functions:














5.In poster cell number 6, replicate the graphic of The Cell Cycle, included should be descriptions of what 

  • M
  • G1
  • GO
  • S
  • G2



6. In poster cell number 7, make a drawing that includes an explanation of how DNA replicates itself (Introduce us to the twisted ladder).


7.Find and play The Control of the Cell Cycle Game. Explain what controls cell division and how tumors are rarely formed. Explain about tumors in poster cell number 7.


8. In the last cell make a two column table comparing MEIOSIS to MITOSIS.