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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Water Web Quest
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Water Web Quest


Water Web Quest


Use the following URL to complete the following activities or questions about water.  Use a piece of poster board, divide it into 15 sections and show the answer to each question in each poster box with some graphic that helps bring home the point.


  1. Complete the True/False quiz on water properties. Write out the statements on your poster.


  1. How much would you weigh if ALL of the water was dehydrated from your body? (HINT: see Water in You)


  1. What is it that makes water unique here on earth (HINT: see Water Properties)?


  1. What does water do better than any other liquid?


  1. Why might some scientists think of water as a sticky molecule?


  1. Make a drawing of the water cycle. Use the picture from USGS as your resource.


  1. What percentage of the earth is water?


  1. Make a simple graph showing how much water is found on the earth, and how much of that water is usable to humans. You may use Excel or any other spreadsheet to do so.


  1. What place on Earth gets the greatest amount of rainfall? (HINT: it would be a great place to vacation)?


10.Find the graph of trends in water usage. Explain in what ways water is being used more today, and probably more in the future.


11.What percent of Michigan do you think is water covered? Which state has the highest percentage of water area? Is the West really "drier" than the rest of the country? (HINT: Special Topics)


12.What is saline water?


13. In the Activity section, take the water survey, list three things you learned by taking this survey and observing the data presented?


14. List the questions and the answers to the Challenge Questions.


15. Find the Q & A section about Water Chemistry. Answer any three of these questions on your poster.