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Weather Map Project
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Weather Map Project

Weather Map Project


Task: You assignment is to follow the weather in the United States for a seven day period. You will cut weather maps out from either newspapers or the internet. You will explain the weather patterns and changes occurring across the United States.


Things that need to be included:


1.     A title page for your assignment

2.     A weather map for each day

3.     A description of the weather patterns for each of these days. Included will be a description of the location of fronts, and a description of air masses that most likely created these fronts (Contintental Polar, ect.). You must describe where unstable weather patterns are occurring in the United States (rain, snow, ect.)

4.     You should include a graph that shows temperature changes for the 48302 area code (Bloomfield Hills area) for your seven-day period.

5.     You should include a graph that shows the barometric pressure for the 48302 are code (Bloomfield Hills area) for your seven-day period.