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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Technology Showcase
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Students and teachers from around the state of Michigan participated in the third annual AT&T/Macul Student Technology Showcase. This took place on October 8, 2003 at our state capital building in Lansing, Michigan. Bloomfield Hills Middle School was represented by David Schmitke, Marc Ranke and Jamie Timbre, who showed off their web sites about the Constitution of the United States and The Civil War.


Here the boys are hanging out in front of the capital building. It was a beautifull day in our state capital! Two extra credit points to the first person who can tell me who the statue is depicting!


Our three heroes pause for a photo-op with our State Representative, Shelley Goodman Taub. Shelly is the representative for the 40th district.


In this photo, our three crusaders have decided to hang out in the State of Michigan Supreme Court. Although court is not in session, these guys are ready to defend all of our constitutional rights.


After a hard day of congressional diplomacy and collaberation, the boys decide on a little relaxation at Spartan Stadium. Enjoy the green grass and the glow of a 5-1 Spartan start in 2003.