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Mr. Brooks' School Facts
Isaac Storm Objectives #1
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These objectives are for quiz #1, which covers pages 1-56.

Isaac's Storm Web Site

Soon to be a mjor motion picture

1. Describe Isaac Cline in detail.
2. Describe the city of Galveston in 1900. Why was it sometimes referred to as "Western Ellis Island."
3. Describe what "strange attractors" are?
4. Describe where Isaac's Storm orignated from (continent and country).
5. Explain what the butterfly effect is and how it relates to storms.
6. Describe what the "doldrums" are and why sailors feared them.
7. Describe what the "horse latitudes" are and why they were named the "horse latitudes".
8. Describe what Christopher Columbus learned about hurricanes in his voyages to the "new" contintent.
9. Describe what an "anemometer" is and what it is used for.
10. Describe in detail what a "Counterclockwise Tropical Cyclone" is.
11. Explain the importance of the Telegraph to the National Weather Service.
12. Who was Willis Moore and why is he so important in the story of Isaac's Storm?
13. What is "Climatology."
14. What are the trade winds?
15. What is medical climatology.
16. Describe the unusual weather of 1900.