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FOD-Key Terms
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Key Terms and/or Phrases for Forecast for Disaster Reading Assignment

Key Terms and/or Phrases for Forecast for Disaster Reading Assignment


Listed below are key terms that you need to define and/or explain their significance in relation two our two most glaring environmental problems, global warming and ozone depletion.  You assignment is to read the article called Forecast for Disaster and then make a mind map of the article using each of these key phrases and/or terms.  Your mind map should also include the answers to the questions listed below.


a. ozone                                   b. amorphous                           c. stratosphere


d. cataract                                e. drought                                 f. Little Ice age


g. medieval warm epoch           h. nitrous oxide             i. stratosphere


j. cretaceous period                  k. coastal erosion                      l. inundation


            m. fossil fuels                            n. isles of langerhans`


  1. What are the common nickname and usages for Chlorofluorocarbons?


  1. What negative thing do CFCs do?


  1. Name two problems that excess exposure to Ultraviolet radiation can cause?


  1. Describe the negative consequences in our atmosphere due to the Industrial Revolution.


  1. Who invented CFCs and why did they seem so valuable and useful?


  1. List five uses for CFCs.


  1. Describe the Gaia hypothesis.


  1. Describe how Rowland and Molina explained the problem with CFCs.


  1. How long can even one molecule of CFC affect the ozone layer?


  1. What are cataracts and how do CFCs cause more of them to happen?


  1. How does exposure to ultraviolet radiation effect the immune system?


  1. How might exposure to UV affect the food supply for mankind?


  1. What does Charles D. Keelings studies in Hawaii tell us?


  1. What greenhouse gases are double whammies and why?


  1. What is smog?


  1. Why might we say the ozone has a split personality?


  1. Why is Dr. Wallace Broeckers theory scarier than most?


  1. Why might it be a bad idea to buy land in California?


  1. What is happening to sea level as a result of global warming?


  1. Describe what saline intrusion is?


  1. What could melting of the Antarctic ice sheets cause to happen?



  1. What are infrastructures and how does global warming effect them?



  1. How had Al Gore been involved with the global warming issue?



  1. List and explain the bulleted points that explain how to deal with these problems?